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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy Succeeds Where Diets Fail………only 1% of people who diet lose weight and maintain the weight loss (Datamonitor 2007), and more worryingly most people end up weighing even more than they did at the start of the diet according to the largest study ever undertaken on both the long term and short term effects of dieting. Using hypnosis for weight loss combined with cognitive behavioural therapy(CBT) and mindfulness you can achieve outstanding results which leave you feeling in control and empowered. Hypnotherapy for weight loss hypnosis reprogramms your mind so that you stop emotional eating, snacking and over eating. Learn to recognise when you are hungry and become aware that you are full so that you simply stop eating. You can eat whatever you want, but you will find that you do so only when you are hungry. This way you will lose weight fast and the really good news is that unlike dieting you maintain the weight loss. Imagine never having to diet again, free yourself from the endless cycle of diet, weight loss and then yet more weight gain. Enjoy life, enjoy food, enjoy your body…. At Chester Hypnotherapy you will find that hypnotherapy for weight loss empowers you to finally take control.

” it’s not about dieting, it’s about changing your life”    Oprah Winfrey

A powerful mix of the three most effective scientifically proven therapies available for weight loss. The combination of hypnotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy is the only method of weight loss that has been proven through numerous research studies to not only help people lose weight but to maintain that weight loss. Mindfulness helps you to stay in the present moment and ride the waves of cravings. So if you are looking for Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Chester then look no further. I am specialist trained and experienced in all three therapies. I offer you support between sessions via email or skype as well as a audio back up to keep you motivated and on track. Take control of your life, your weight, your body NOW and without delay give me a call today.

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