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Mindfulness in Chester- Fiona Burman Hopkins Dip/N Mental Health, MDip/CHyp,NLP, GHR/ SQHP,CNHC,GHSC/AP

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What is Mindfulness?

A generally accepted definition is “the nonjudgmental awareness of experiences in the present moment.”

Mindfulness is a simple yet powerful and potent way of  enabling you to deal with many of your everyday problems in life including stress, anxiety, pain  and illness. Mindfulness can help you to finally end the pattern of persistent feelings of un happiness and  dissatisfaction with your life. Mindfulness can stop you attempting to think your way out of stress and anxiety or your bad mood which often leads you into a downward spiral of despair and negativity. This will liberate you from endless ruminations, critical self talk and self blame. Mindfulness will help you to still your chattering mind so that you feel in control, calmer, more centred, focused and generally happier in yourself.  This omnipotent technique will empower you to face challenges  in the everyday context as well as the unexpected with greater resilience. Increasing your sense of wellbeing, enhancing your level of trust in yourself, your own judgements and your intuitions.The benefits of mindfulness as a self help tool are immeasurable and can not be emphasised enough.

What Can Mindfulness Help with?

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Pain, Irritability, Managing change,

Concentration, Focus, Creativity, Addictions, 

Mindfulness has it’s origins an ancient Budhist traditions from over 2000 years ago. The father of modern day Mindfulness in its now accepted therapeutic form is considered to be Jon Kabat Zinn who began his stress reduction program in Massachusettes over 40 years ago. I offer individual mindfulness based cognitive therapy and mindfulness based relaxation therapy. I also offer bespoke workshops and courses to schools, industry and the corporate world.  I teach all of my clients both adult and children mindfulness as a self help technique whichever therapy they are attending for. For Mindfulness in Chester contact 07968258113

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I have produced a high quality mindfulness meditation body scan which has been specifically designed to alleviate stress and anxiety. Listening to this recording regularly will enable you to dismiss persistent negative thoughts more effectively, manage the physical symptoms of anxiety better, become more creative and generate a greater feeling of personal well being.

These recordings are not a substitute for medical advice.

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