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Increase Self Esteem & Self Confidence
with Hypnosis and Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy

Self Confidence is a combination of self-efficacy and self -esteem………..

Self Efficacy is the internal sense or belief that we can effectively handle and perform specific tasks and this in its self plays an important part in determining your general level of self confidence. When you have a high efficacy in one area of your life you will think, feel and behave in a way that contributes and therefore reinforces your success. From this you will get a strong sense of personal satisfaction. In this area of your life you can view a problem as something to be overcome. You will not be afraid to try out new things or some thing different. You find that you recover from setbacks quickly. You tend to view failure more as a result of external factors than internal faults or weakness. So in general believing in yourself and your abilities affects your motivation, choices, resilience and ultimately your determination and persistence.

Self Esteem is similar to self efficacy but more related to believing that we are generally competent  in what we do, have value and deserve to be happy in life. It is inner belief in our personal value and self worth.

A person with self confidence generally likes themselves. Is willing to take risks to achieve their goals and thinks positively about the future.

The good news is that you can increase self esteem self confidence can be improved !

Why do some people have more Self Confidence and Self Esteem than others?

Because low self esteem and lack of confidence do not suddenly occur as a problem it is often not addressed but rather accepted as “just the way you are”. If you have low self esteem you may be extremely critical of yourself, afraid to try anything new and if you do succeed at something have a tendency to put yourself down. This kind of self criticism is not an accident, it does not appear out of nowhere although it may feel as though it does. It is however a condition that is rooted in the past, well and truly firmly embedded in the subconscious mind. The major cause of low self esteem is past negative programming that is the product of the adults and people who have been around us. This includes teachers, parents, other family members including  siblings and sometimes friends and peers as well.

We inherit the critical judgmental voice and thinking style that we have been exposed to. You acquire a critical inner voice that produces an internal fear. It may be a fear to try anything new, a fear of change, or even a fear to perform regular daily activities. When under excessive stress  buried fears can come to the surface and that is why some one who usually appears confident can suddenly seem to lose all their confidence and their self esteem plummets. Often leaving you feeling anxious and depressed.These feelings can lower self esteem and self confidence further.

Fear of failure is a paralyzing emotional condition and it too is a product of past negative programming.

Hypnosis and Mindfulness to Increase Self Esteem Self Confidence

Hypnotherapy can rid you of past negative programming increase self esteem and self confidence, it will increase your confidence enabling you to change your  responses to problems. Combine this with mindfulness cognitive therapy which will increase your self acceptance and and enable you to live more comfortable with yourself whatever your circumstances and whichever way your life path takes you.

Take the step now to rid yourself of past negative programming and eliminate unhelpful responses that you no longer want from your subconscious mind. Change occurs at the inner level and it will show automatically at the outer level.

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