Expectations can lead to feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, low self esteem

Expectations -v- reality.

This small detail can be behind feelings of inadequacy, stress, anxiety, depression and more.

It happens on all kinds of levels.

We may grow up through childhood with certain expectations about our future. If it doesn’t work out that way it might leave you feeling down or as if you’re failing in some way.

When you walk into a situation that you’ve prepared for, such as a meeting at work, and things take a very different turn to what you had expected, you can feel stressed out and anxious, needing to forget all your careful planning and think on your feet.

Whatever level it happens at, there will always be times when reality doesn’t meet expectations. Therefore, it’s important to learn ways of dealing with that.

How have your expectations measured up against your reality? How’s it made you feel?

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