Using Mindfulness for Anger Management

Anger is typically a response to feeling threatened, criticised or frustrated in some way. Anger is a normal, natural and even healthy emotion. Mild forms include irritation and feelings of annoyance or dislike, this is a healthy reaction to some circumstances. Anger at times can be a secondary response to underlying feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, fear, stress and anxiety which can result in intense feelings of anger and rage. Anger can feel overwhelming, uncontrollable and frightening for the person experiencing the emotion.

Using mindfulness for anger management enables you to develop the ability to stop for a moment before reacting. Focus on your breathing, making sure each in breath is slightly slower, longer more intentional. Focus  only on the process of breathing for a moment or two. As you focus on your breathing make sure that as you breathe in you are pushing your stomach out and not your chest. If your chest is moving and not your stomach then your breathing is too shallow. Anxious and angry breathing is shallow breathing.  Try Slower longer more intentional breathing pushing your stomach out as you do so will result in the release of calming chemicals in the brain. This deep slow breathing sends an automatic message to the brain to calm down and relax.

Counting mentally and silently as you breathe in also helps, try counting to 4 as you breathe in and 6 as you breathe out. Making the out breath very slightly longer will enhance the effect. Continue doing this at least 6 times.

Use this simple  tool as soon as you begin to feel anger rising. Imagine  a traffic light ….red light = STOP,

……amber light = BREATHE …..Focus on the breath

…….green light =THINK & CHOOSE

As you practice breathing you can say mentally and silently to yourself the word calm with each in breath. Any uncomfortable physical symptoms you may have any where in your body imagine breathing them out with each out breath. Breathe out the anger from your mind and your body.

Using mindfulness for anger management regularly will help you to feel more in control, will improve your self esteem and confidence, increasing your ability to deal effectively with stressful situations. Leading to a greater feeling of wellbeing.

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