Mindfulness Meditation Classes in Chester

Following on from the success of the Mindfulness for everyday living classes run at Leaf day Spa in September and November 2014, Chester Hypnotherapist will be running advanced mindfulness meditation classes in Chester  January  2015 primarily for those who have already had some expereince of either mindfulness mediation or have practised meditaion in some form previously. Mindfulness is a simple yet powerful and potent way of  enabling you to deal with many of your everyday problems in life including stress, anxiety, pain and illness by using specific meditations. Mindfulness can help you to finally end the pattern of persistent feelings of unhappiness and disatisfaction with your life, it can stop you attempting to think your way out of stress and anxiety or your bad mood which often leads you into a downward spiral of despair and negativity. This will liberate you from endless ruminations, mithering, critical self talk and self blame. Mindfulness will help you to still your chattering mind so that you feel in control, calmer, more centred and generally happier in yourself.  This omnipotent technique will empower you to face challenges  in the everyday context as well as the unexpected with greater resilience, increasing your sense of wellbeing, enhancing your level of trust in yourself, your own judgements and your intuitions.

I teach all my hypnosis clients  mindfulness as well as self hypnosis and many of them find the mindfulness not only easier to practise but they also seem to gain a deeper relaxed state when at home on their own, this is possibly because they have had formal hypnosis as their treatment and associate hypnosis as something that is ” done ” by somebody else to them. Whatever the reason the benefits of midfulness as a self help tool are immeasureable and can not be empahsised enough.

Take control of your life and and get set for the challenges of the new year, book now for the  6 week course of  Mindfulness meditation classes in Chester for stress and  everyday problems starting Tuesday13th January 2015 at Leaf Day Spa in Tattenhall cost £12 per week, places are limited to you need to book and pay in advance to secure your place.

Recent research has highlighted the fact that doing mindfulness meditation classes in a small group is as effective as standard individual therapy for treating depression and anxiety.
Meditating in groups of 10 or so works as well as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), considered as one of the most effective treatments for depression, say researchers from Lund University.
A group of 215 patients who were suffering from depression, anxiety or symptoms of severe stress were given eight weeks of group mindfulness meditation or individual CBT.
At the end of the study period, similar improvement was seen in both the groups.
(Source: British Journal of Psychiatry, November 20914; doi: 10.1192/bjp.bp.114.150243)

Our groups run on average with between 8 and 10 participants.

Please read our recent reviews from the last two courses.

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