7 Weight loss Tips For Holidays

One of the most difficult times for many people when on weight loss programmes is how to manage when on holiday. Many people associate holidays with a sense of being able to throw off regular restraints and a time for being indulgent. This approach is part of the problem for those who suffer with weight problems especially if you associate it with a feeling of deprivation at not being able to eat excessively, and somehow feel that you are missing out on the pleasures.

So here are 7 Weight Loss Tips  Simple but effect to keep you on track during your Holidays

  1.  Keep your overall objective firmly implanted in your mind. Your long term goal is more important than immediate gratification. It is more effective to have a clothing size in mind than a weight, so if your aim is to be 2  dress sizes smaller than you are now keep a mental note of it and repeat the size silently to your self whenever you are tempted to eat something that is not going to help you achieve your goal.
  2.  Whenever you come to eat either a meal or a snack, do a quick body check and see if you truly are hungry. If you are not then foregoing a snack or even a meal will fill you with a greater sense of satisfaction.
  3. When choosing foods in restraurants or hotels aim for foods that you enjoy but also nutritious foods that will help you achieve that goal…..keep your desired dress size always in your mind.
  4. Fasting can help, after all you fast all night from tea until breakfast. Learning to over come the hunger pangs by using mindfulness is very effective. Each time you feel hungry you can say to yourself that you have eaten plenty in the past and now your body is using up some of that excess food.
  5. Whenever you eat your meal or snack or ice cream then do so mindfully, placing your full attention upon it, so that you truly enjoy what you are eating.
  6. Create and image of yourself the size and shape you desire to be. Make this image really strong, vivid and keep creating it. If you struggle with visualisation then feel yourself the size and shape you desire to be, think of yourself  as slimmer, thinner and fitter.
  7. Remember it is not about will power but it is about persistence,  having an intention and a deep desire to be the body shape and size that is correct for you when you are at your healthiest weight, size and shape.

Good luck and have a fabulous holiday

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