Weight loss Hypnotherapy Tip

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

  A Simple Technique For Everyone

Here one of the  techniques I use to help you achieve and maintain weight loss.

  • The White Board – Allow 10 minutes for this exercise, try it out first thing in the morning before getting up or if you prefer last thing at night before you go to sleep. Focus on your breathing as you would in mindfulness meditation, or if you are not familiar with this then try a few slightly slower, deeper more intentional breaths in to relax yourself. Make sure you will not be disturbed and that you are sitting or lying comfortably. Focus inwardly. Now imagine in your minds eye a white board and mentally write a list or visualise a list if you can of all the foods that are causing you to gain weight. Chocolate, cakes, biscuits, crisps, snacks, sweets, fried food, fatty food, greasy food, sugar, cordials, juices, fizzy drinks, pies, pastries and any others that you eat which are causing you a problem. When you have completed your list imagine drawing a line through each one perhaps in a bright red pen and as you do so imagine it disappearing off the white board. Empty the board of all those foods that make you gain weight and each one you cross out generate as much feeling of disgust as you can for those foods. Saying to yourself as you eliminate each one ” I reject this food which makes me gain weight, I no longer want or need this food. I totally reject all fatty greasy sugary food, my body rejects this food, my mind rejects this food, my emotions reject this food”. When the board is completely empty fill it up with a list of all the foods you enjoy which are healthy and nutritious and which you wish to eat more of. Fruits, vegetable, lean meat, fish, salads, cool refreshing water. Make this  list is clear and strong in your minds eye. Maybe use your favourite clour to write the list in or a colur which you associate health with. Imagine yourself eating these foods, biting into a crisp apple, tangy oranges, drinking icy cold refreshing water and feeling good all the time. As you write this healthy nutritious foods on your board you can mentally say to yourself ” I love looking after myself, I respect my body feeling healthy and positive all the time”  Keep practising this technique at the inner level within your mind until it shows in the outer level and you autommatically begin to reject all fatty, greasy, sugary foods that make you gain the weight you no longer want or need.
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