Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Many years ago I suffered with an ectopic pregnancy which was not picked up until it nearly erupted, the whole experience was very traumatic and being left with only one fallopian tube caused me to feel panic stricken about the possibility of being able to concieve again. I was newly married and although I already had one child I very much wanted another baby with my  husband. Naively I thought this would just kind of happen although in retrospect I now believe I was holding onto some pretty negative thoughts following the ectopic and probably was filled with fear also.

When I failed to fall pregnant again within my own time scale I started to experience all the typical panicky ” what if” types of thoughts and emotions, feeling tearful each month as I realised I was not pregnant and spending an exhorbitant amount of money on pregnancy tests when I knew full well each month that I was not pregnant. What made the whole thing worse was that I was working as a CBT therapist at the time in the health service, spending my days helping other people to manage their irrational thoughts that were leading to thier emotional distress and yet could not mange my own which were getting significantly out of hand.

So what helped eventually? One of my colleagues was also trained in Hypnotherapy so she took me one side one lunch time and suggested I gave it a go, although I taught mindfulness and meditation to my clients I had been unable to free my self of my negative thoughts and my emotions kept getting the better of me.

So during the only quiet time of the day in our busy mental health office we found a corner and my colleague using hypnosis put me into a trance, we were able to find an empty office once a week for about three weeks and I found that I could begin to use my own mindfulness skills again and started to meditate in the evenings. My sense of peace and calm returned pretty quickly and I felt far more up beat and optimistic than I had since the ectopic and these feelings continued to grow so that I was no longer totally preoccupied with getting pregnant.

The out come? well  I now have 4 children so for me totally successful ….one of the reasons I suppose  now I am a full time Hypnotherapist that I feel so passionately about working with couples who have fertility issues. Not that there are ever any guarantees, I know this and really don’t think I was expecting too much when I first allowed my colleague to hypnotise me but since then my  experiences  of the power of the mind and the wonderous changes that can occur has amazed and at times astounded me. So to any one suffering from difficulties in concieving I would say find a local hypnotherapist with some specialist knowledge of hypnotherapy for fertility, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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