Life is too Short to Spend it Hating Your Body

Special offers at Chester Hypnotherapist for weight loss Hypnotherapy near Chester.

Make new friends, increase your self confidence and self belief, feel empowered and in control and finally say goodbye to yo yo dieting, binge eating and hating your body. Time for you  now to take time for yourself and finally believe that you can have the body size and shape that you desire. Weight loss hypnosis as part of a group is great fun and achieves results, everyone is always so supportive and it is such a relief to find that others think just like you. With hypnosis for weight loss there is no weighing, no forbidden foods, no such thing as ” good food” ” bad food” ……Areas covered include, learning to recognise your body signals, eating mindfully, recognising when you are full, leaning to simply stop eating,making intelligent choices, self hypnosis.

A simple philosophy of getting back in touch with your body, listening to its messages, eating when you are hungry and simply stopping when you are full. Taste rapidly begins to change once you feel more in control and because you once enjoyed something does not mean that you will continue to do so, as you listen to your body song. I wonder if now you can begin to imagine yourself feeling more in control, recognising that perhaps before your eating was emotionally driven, you ate when you were sad, anxious, unhappy, annoyed, frustrated, happy, celebrating….the list can be endless.. but now you see your story changing and you only eat when you are hungry, you only think about food when you are hungry, you no longer eat because something looks nice. You feel full much sooner and you enjoy the food you do eat far more than you ever did before.

Come and join our Hypnotherapy for Weight loss Group starting this September in Holt/Farndon

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