Life is too Short to Spend it Dieting- Hypnosis for Weight Loss

A brief update for those interested in joining our Hypnosis for weight loss course. Imagine never having to diet again? Imagine feeling in control of your reaction to food? because many of the people I see tell me that they  feel totally out of control and some would go so far as to say that they feel totally controlled by food. Hypnosis for weight loss can enable you to end your senseless struggle with food and it is not about will power or deprivation because they don’t work but it is about listening to your body, becoming aware of how you eat and changing your relationship with food.  After all eating is a normal natural human activity it is very enjoyable, but when you eat for comfort or relief of an uncomfortable emotion then you do not enjoy your food, you eat more but enjoy it less. With Hypnosis for weight loss, there are no forbidden foods, no deprivation, no weighing scales. You will learn that you can eat whatever you want to and when you want to because as you learn to listen more to your body you start to respond to its natural signals, recognising when you are hungry and being aware when you are satisfied so that you simply stop eating and that feels normal and natural, so normal and natural that you don’t even think about it. You will eat less and you will begin to make new choices because you can choose to be choosy, then you realise that your preferences have begun to change. So you may find that the foods you may have chosen yesterday are not always the ones you will choose today.

Can you imagine freeing yourself from your current response to food so that you eat only when you are hungry, choosing foods that are enjoyable and nutritious, savouring every bite as you place your full attention on eating your food, stopping when you feel satisfied and feeling good about yourself all the while? because all of this is possible when you use hypnosis for weight loss.

Our next 4 week course where you can learn all these skills is starting on Monday 15th September at 6pm until 7.30 at Leaf Lifestyle In Tattenhall. Total cost of the four weeks is £60 that is only £15 per week,  attendees also have the opportunity of booking indivdual sessions either for further weight loss or Hypno Gastric Band with 20% off the normal price. Please see the website for details. or call Fiona now to reserve your place.

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